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How can software support your business?

Improve. Scale. Automate.

Increase your Revenue

Add more sales channels, increase repeat orders and manage your business in a more streamlined manner - we bring our best-in-class technology to help you boost your revenue.

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Connect with multiple sales platforms

Boost your sales with the largest selection of unique travel platforms and industry-leading OTAs with the click of a button.

  • Choose which sales platforms to sell with
  • Use their standard commission or insert your own
  • Apply dynamic prices to maximize revenue everywhere
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Reach more customers with your own custom-built sales platform. Use our carefully optimized booking funnel as your own, with your branding, customizable to your needs.

  • Built with mobile-first mindset

  • Easy and secure payment handling

  • Continuously updated booking experience based on proven user insights

Advanced & Dynamic Pricing

Maximize your revenue while also increasing your sales. Our robust tools help you find the sweet spot that bring in more money while your passengers are happy to pay that ticket price.

  • Smart pricing based on capacity, demand, promotions
  • Revenue forecasts
  • Competitive insights based on our market database
  • Promotion prices to boost sales for a period of time

Marketing & Loyalty Programs

Attract new customers through state-of-the-art and automated search engine advertising. Encourage them to come back again after the first purchase.

  • Select which relations and trips to promote

  • Automate your search engine bids to maximize commercial results

  • Reward frequent travellers so they come back more often

  • Use CRM tools to point customers to offers of interest all while adhering to privacy policies and procedures

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Grow & manage your Network

Easily plan your network based on competitive insights for maximized performance. With our state-of the-art tools, you can plan and manage your network, create route navigations and track your fleet  in real time.

Route & Network Planning

Plan your network competitively based on market data and effortlessly arrange your fleet to the schedules by analysing the performance once you’re live.

  • State of the art Network Planning tools

  • Automated Performance Tracking 

  • Manage authorizations for your schedules

Real-time Vehicle Tracking

Locate your fleet with real-time tracking data and redirect it easily if circumstances change.

  • Locate and route your fleet in real-time
  • Best-in-class route navigation tailored to buses
  • Effortless delay notifications and passenger rebooking

Fleet Management

Easily assign and plan your fleet with automated distance measuring, cities and station management.

  • Reporting on fleet information
  • One-Click assignment of buses to routes 
  • Flexible and transparent station slot management

Reduce your Costs

Increase profits by reducing costs. Let your employees focus on the high-impact tasks thanks to more efficient and automated workflows.

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Customer Service & Refunds

Reduce the contact requests through better information. Serve customers smarter by using automation to address their needs.

  • Dynamic FAQs for self-answering questions
  • Smart claim management and tracking
  • Automated refund option for delays based on EU law

Finance & Taxes

Reduce manual effort and paperwork in areas like fiscalization and taxation as well as automate reporting and keeping your financial and customer information up-to-date.

  • Automatic VAT calculation based on kilometres driven per country.
  • Financial Transparency through reporting automation
  • Transparent customer reporting and generation of passenger lists

Driver Management

Enable your drivers to serve your customers in the best possible manner with our suite of Driver trainings.

  • Multilingual training videos
  • Issue call flows during operations
  • Easy customer check-in
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Improve passenger Experience

Bring the best in class passenger experience to your customers with our tailor-made reports and surveys to understand your customers better. Know the likes and dislikes of your customers and identify areas for improvement.

Self-service Booking Management

Circumstances change and questions arise. We make it easy to adapt and get answers fast.

  • Enable passengers to generate pdf or mobile tickets
  • Easy self-service rebooking tool for your passengers
  • Ability to add ancillary services after booking

Post-ride Surveys & Insights

Create repeat business through better service. Do you know what customers think about your offer? In all languages?

  • Survey your customers after the ride
  • Know your customers' characteristics and travel reasons
  • Automated reporting with deep dives understandable in your language

Delay Notifications

Travel can be exhausting. Ensure your customers and their loved ones always have the right information.

  • Automated messaging to the right contact channel
  • Templates for schedule changes, delay notifications, rebooking options
  • Customized operational messages

Expand your Charter Business

Take the effort out of bus rentals. With our Charter modules you can have a state-of-the-art booking funnel for requests on your website. Furthermore, you can provide a price quotation with the right VAT automatically upon request.

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Charter Pricing

Pricing calculations can be complex. Make pricing easy for both your team and your customers.

  • Automate your quotes with over 20 pricing parameters
  • Instant prices for your customers
  • Automatic VAT calculation based on kilometers driven per country
  • 0 time spent on quote calculation for your employees

Search Mask

No trip search functionality yet on your website? Integrate our component in a few easy steps for instant trip search.

  • Ready to integrate white-label search mask
  • Trip search (with instant price calculation if you also get the Pricing module)
  • Address autocomplete for your customers

Booking Management

Manage all your customer trip inquiries in a centralized way.

  • See all your customer bookings in one place
  • Filter bookings and review booking details
  • View trip details and route breakdown

Search Management

Understand your customer needs by seeing what trips they searched for on your website.

  • See a history of all your customer searches on your website, even if they did not book the trip or requested a quote
  • Filter customer searches and see the search details

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